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Deluxe MMA Grappling/ Jiu Jitsu/ Ground & Pound Dummy 3.0 - Unfilled

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Deluxe MMA Grappling/ Jiu Jitsu/ Ground & Pound Dummy 3.0 - Unfilled Item #RCFD3-U
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Unfilled. It can be filled with textile rags with the help of baseball bat or broom stick to pound tight while filling.

3.0 Version is improved with addition of Hands and Feet. Available in Youth and Adult sizes. Also available Filled (Ready to use) and Un-Filled (Empty). 

Made of heavy duty 22oz polyester coated vinyl. Tight filled. This dummy is a great product for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts!

This dummy is designed with very endurable shoulder system to really fit Triangle, Arm Bar, Arm Choke drills, you can do Train Guard, Inside Guard, Turtle Position, good for all kind of Controls, Side Mount, Full Mount, North South, Back Control, Start Position etc, Keeps his legs up for Leg locks, Knee bars, Ankle hooks.. Half Guard, De la riva, X guard drill, Guillotine, D’Arce choke, Anaconda Choke etc, This dummy can sit and stay on his legs, can stretch out, made with strong and sturdy base for better gripping and position to the mat, half shin leg area is filled with sand. Great product, close to real human to do your drills. An excellent training partner. Also great for Throwing, Ground and Pound

Adult (black/red) Dummy is about the height equivalent of a 6 feet man and weighs approximately 65-70 pounds
Kids (blue/red) Dummy is about the height equivalent of a 4.6" foot kid and weighs approximately 30-35 pounds.

Product Reviews

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  1. Best dummy I've seen 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd May 2020

    I've had a canvas dummy from Celebrita for a couple of years, and my gym has 4 different types of drilling dummies. I bought this because my canvas dummy was torn to shreds after two years of use. This is by far the best grappling dummy for BJJ/MMA that I have ever used.

    -The shoulders, wrists, and ankles are separate from the torso which means there are no seams there to tear with submission holds. Armpits on other dummies seem to be a major weak point, but with the armbars, triangles, and kimuras I've drilled so far, the shoulders on this dummy do not feel like they're under any strain.
    -The limbs are a realistic length. The dummy stands about 5'9" tall and has the proportions of maybe a 130-140 pound man. I stuffed it with shredded fabric from a punching bag and it weighs 35-40 pounds. It comes with two sand bags you can add for extra weight if you want.
    -It can sit on its own in a kneeling posture for bottom guard work. The bent knees also create a realistic bottom position for mount/side control/etc.
    -The vinyl resists sweat, so it won't become smelly over time.
    -The vinyl has some memory to it, so it feels like there's some resistance when moving his limbs, and he naturally returns to a realistic fighting position. Also gives him structure so I don't have to build a skeleton for him.

    -It's a bit of a hassle to stuff, but I didn't feel it was worth the extra cost to pay for stuffing. That is an option, however. Took about 3 hours and a broom handle to fill the dummy.
    -The vinyl is a little sticky to semi-sweaty skin, but this is a non-issue if you put a gi or other clothing on it.
    -Not a con, but note that this dummy is not useful for drilling takedowns because of its leg positioning.

    I am very glad I purchased this. It's perfect so far. It arrived on my doorstep 4 days after ordering! It's a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, and I think it will last long enough to make up for the multiple dummies I would have purchased over the years. Definitely worth the money if you use a training dummy often. Feel free to contact me on Facebook at "417 BJJ" if you want to know more.


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